Network Infrastructure Solution

Network Infrastructure as the backbone of ICT age. Reliable and Robust network Infrastructure is the key for successful ICT solution. TMT has partner with market leader in Network Infra Vendor to provide best solution to our customers. We deliver most comprehensive and state of art solution for wire and wireless solution.




Information Security Solution

Infosec is one of the hottest topic currently in the ICT realm as the device is more connected and network is more spread out. Strong Infosec solution and expertize is need to achieve this. Our company has work out some innovative solution related to Infosec that help our customer to protect their valuable digital assets.




Data Center Solution

Data Center is the brain of a company.  Your business critical data, applications, and systems must be available at all times so that your business processes run smoothly.  At the same time, your data center should be as easy as possible to manage, allow expansion and modernization when required and be energy efficient in operation.  You can only meet these requirements with a carefully planned and sophisticated infrastructure.  Our company and the team help you to design and fulfill those requirements.



IoT and Intelligent Building Solution

The rise of the connected device and the need for more intelligent building solution will need company to innovate in order to provide better solution to our customers. TMT has work with renowned partner to provide IoT Platform and IoT Solution for building solution and smart city solution.




Telco Solution

The changes in IT will surely bring huge impact to the changes in telecommunication.  Information of voice and video will be transferred faster from the sender to the recipient in the future compared to that nowadays.  Hence, telecommunication devices and systems have to be built to support these changes in technology.  Our company works together with the principals to provide products and systems that can support the changes in technology for 20 years ahead. TSP technology has evolved from dedicated system to more open source and open hardware solution that need special expertise and design.

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